Are you searching for the best place to live during your stay in Barcelona? We have the solution! 

If you are looking for a fun place to live, where many events will take place, but a place that also ensures all the adequate safety measures, XIOR Student Housing is your place! 

Xior Diagonal Besòs is located in Forum, right next to the beach. New building, modern and amazing views.

Xior Lofttown is located in the heart of Barcelona next to Gracia quarter. New building, cozy and sustainable. 


Take advantage of our discounts and secure your spot, we can’t wait to have you here!


  • XIOR’s Welcome Pack
  • 50% on the registration fee
  • 5% on the total prize

**New residents who sign up for more than 4 months will get a discount of 400€ of the total contract and if they pay everything at once they will get an extra 100€**


If you have any questions, don’t doubt to contact

+34 937 866 833