Team Barcino

team member

I like to enjoy how beautiful life is and to live adventures with my friends. That's why Barcino was born, because... if we didn't do it now, when we were going to prepare such an event for so many people? It's going to be exciting.

Sandra Santamaria
Event CoHead

"Gaudeamus igitur iuvenes dum sumus"

Let's enjoy ourselves now that we're young
team member

Even though I live in Sevilla I still think Barcelona is the most special city in the world. I love foreign languages and cultures.

Claudia Ros
Event CoHead

“Πάντα ῥεῖ”

Everything flows
team member

That’s me, friend of my friends and this is Erasmus. I also consider myself sedulous, I don’t stop till I get what I want. What I want now is to make you live one of the best experiences in your life! So… Bibere humanum est, ergo bibamus!

Oriol Incarbone
Night activities & Sponsor

“Amicitiae nostrae memoriam spero sempiternam fore”

I hope our friendship lasts forever
team member

Galician in love with Barcelona. I write, I travel and I play the ukelele. Music, cinema and the sea. I don't like beer.

Alicia Fernández
Day Activities Responsible

"Dum vivimus, vivamus"

Let's live while we are alive
team member

Although things do not always go well for me, I'm perseverant and optimistic. I like to fight for what I believe and that is why we work in this event and I am sure it will remain in your memory forever.


"Audentes fortuna iuvat"

Fortune helps those who dare to try it
team member

I like to write, create and design. I love spending time with my friends and helping them in any way I can. My favorite book is "The Little Prince" and I love sunsets.

Laura Benito
Graphics & communication

“Forsan et haec olim meminisse juvabit”

And perhaps it will be pleasing to have remembered
team member

Canarian man in love with Carnival and Erasmus life. I'm in love with my islands, I play percussion and I love travelling. I work as a Social Educator with young immigrants. I don't drink any alcohol but I'm always in for a party.

Amanhuy (Canario)
Logistic responsible

“Panem Et Cirquenses”

Bread and circuses
team member

I love food and cooking. I always enjoy a good meal with friends and to discover new places.

Staff responsible

"Ubi bene, ibi patria"

Home is where your life is good